If you’re a dog or cat in Guilford County hoping not to get fixed – well, you may have a slight reprieve, but not for long.

On Monday, Aug. 28, Guilford County Animal Services Department announced that it’s temporarily suspending its Spay Neuter Voucher Program –  but only until a new and improved program kicks off in mid-September.

According to Animal Services staff, the existing spay/neuter program is experiencing “overwhelming demand,” and that has prompted the department to change up the program to meet the current demand.

Beginning on Friday, Aug. 25, Animal Services temporarily suspended the issuance of spay/neuter vouchers to prepare for the launch of the revised program, which is expected to be up and running by Sept. 15.

Upgrades for the new program include moving to electronic voucher applications as well as changes in tracking the limits of the number of vouchers available per household.

According to a press release from Animal Services, vouchers or invoices dated Sept. 2 or later won’t be honored unless new vouchers are attached.  The release states that “Residents who need to have a pet spayed or neutered during this time are encouraged to work with their local veterinarian, or to wait until the program reopens in September.”

Guilford County Animal Services Director Jorge Ortega said it’s actually a good thing that the demand for the service is so immense.

“We are very fortunate that Guilford County residents are taking action like never before to have their pets spayed or neutered,” Ortega stated, “and we are excited to work on program adjustments to make the opportunity to spay or neuter a pet more convenient and accessible in Guilford County.”

The Animal Services director added, “Even with the success of our current voucher program, our Animal Resources Center remains full. Helping more people across the county gain access to spay or neuter their pet will help reduce the number of unwanted pets and make a difference in pet overpopulation in our community.”