Greensboro is not going to have a mask mandate, according to Mayor Nancy Vaughan.

On Monday, June 6, Vaughan said emphatically and repeatedly that she was not going to impose a mask mandate on the City of Greensboro despite the fact that COVID-19 numbers are up.

Vaughan said, “I’ve not said that we should have a mask mandate and neither has [Winston-Salem Mayor] Allen Joines.”

She added, “I did mention I was going to get a booster.  But that’s my decision. People need to make their own decisions.  At this point we need to learn to live with COVID.”

The mask mandate rumor for Greensboro and Winston-Salem apparently got started with a press release from Joines on Monday that stated, “Our community is experiencing a rise in the number of positive COVID cases.  Our current daily case count is over 140 per day.  As you may recall, our target is fewer than 10 cases per day

“Therefore, I am urging our citizens to take precautions to protect themselves and others by wearing a mask indoors.  This is particularly important when you are in large groups or in a close setting.  If two individuals are wearing a mask, there is less than a 3 percent chance of the virus being transmitted between those two individuals.”

Joines also asked people to get vaccinated and boosted.

Vaughan said that the rumors that she was going to implement a mask mandate in Greensboro were rampant and there wasn’t any truth to them.

But rumors and false information about mask mandates seem to be par for the course during the COVID era.

When the Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting as the Guilford County Board of Health voted unanimously to immediately lift the mask mandate on Feb. 17 of this year, the News & Record reported that the repeal of the mask mandate went into effect on Feb. 27.

Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston had to clarify that lifting the mask mandate immediately meant lifting the mask mandate immediately. Guilford County had issued a press release titled, “Commissioners Vote to Repeal Mask Mandate Immediately,” but somehow that notice was misinterpreted.

It seems obvious, but people are of course free to wear masks whenever and wherever they choose, and likewise, individual businesses can require their employees and customers to wear masks, if they choose to do so.

But according to Vaughan there will be no new mask mandate for the City of Greensboro.