On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the City Council held a closed session to evaluate City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba.

According to sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment, the evaluation didn’t go well for Jaiyeoba, who took over as city manager on Feb. 1.

Only eight members of the City Council were present for the evaluation – District 3 City Councilmember Zack Matheny was not present for the closed session.  Matheny is the only new member of the City Council elected in the unprecedented July 26 general election.

Matheny, however, sent an email Jaiyeoba and copied his fellow councilmembers on Monday, Sept. 26 about some of the issues he has with the city manager.

Matheny begins, “I am really disappointed in the lack of communication in bringing me online as the new city councilman for District 3.”

Matheny notes that he saw what appeared to be new sidewalks being installed on Willoughby Boulevard and states, “I would think the manager would want the District Representative to be informed of projects happening in their district as they come on as the new representative to avoid constituent calls, to alert of potential issues, etc.  This is a list of items that continues to grow because of the lack of information, onboarded, etc. that continues to show a lack of communication.”

The Rhino Times has written several articles about how difficult it has become, since Jaiyeoba became city manager, for the public to get information about upcoming City Council meetings, and according to Matheny it’s not just the public that is not being informed but also at least one member of the City Council.

Matheny states, “It would be helpful if someone on staff communicated appropriately in advance when meetings will or will not be held.”

He adds, “Mr. Manager, I can only imagine what I have not been properly informed of, which will only continue to create significant issues at city council work sessions and meetings.”

Matheny ends by stating, “My hope is you will correct these extraordinary communication issues, as Councilwoman Hightower says often, I feel left in the dark.”