The BORO may not be growing and reproducing after all.

District 3 City Councilmember Zack Matheny sent an email to his fellow councilmembers and city staff on Tuesday, Dec. 6 asking that the proposed expansion of The BORO, the “social district” in downtown Greensboro where people are allowed to walk around with an alcoholic beverage, be continued.

Matheny, who is also president of Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI)], in the email states, “It is with great disappointment that I write you today expressing my confusion over the downtown special district map and vote for this evening’s meeting.

“First of all, as the district representative, I was not informed of any changes or asked of my opinion.  A comparative example would be of another district representative making decisions for a separate district without ANY input from the current district rep.  I can only imagine what would take place if I were to go into District 1 or 2 and just put things on the agenda without regard to the representative’s feelings, or knowledge.”

Matheny also notes that as president of DGI, he was one of the creators of the map for the current social district.  He states that for the current map to be altered without consulting DGI when DGI will have to manage it, “Is completely and utterly inappropriate.”

Matheny also notes that he was not informed of the plan to initiate a social district on State Street, but despite the fact that he wasn’t informed, he does support it.

Matheny was elected to the City Council in the unprecedented July 26 election and was sworn into office in August as the only new member of the City Council.  Matheny replaced former City Councilmember Justin Outling, who ran for mayor and lost to Mayor Nancy Vaughan.

As the District 3 councilmember, Outling often complained about not receiving information prior to meetings and Matheny has followed suit.  However, Matheny, in his first months in office, has been far more vocal about the lack of information he has received from city staff and Matheny doesn’t wait for the meeting to be in process before making his concerns known.