Former 6th District Congressman and US Senate candidate Mark Walker made it clear at a campaign rally Thursday, Jan. 27 that he’s not changing course.

Walker is going to continue his run for the Senate seat that he announced in December 2020.

Walker noted that he had been under some high level pressure to drop out of the Senate race and run for Congress.  He said former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence as well as other big name Republicans had offered their support if Walker would run for Congress.

But if Walker was the kind of candidate to quit a race simply because he was behind in the polls, his opponents had a lot more money in their campaign chests and pundits didn’t see a viable path for victory, he never would have been elected to Congress in the first place.  Walker faced all those hurdles in the 2014 6th District Republican primary where he finished second in the primary but won the runoff primary against Phil Berger Jr. with 60 percent of the vote.

The odds were definitely against Walker in that race. Berger was even endorsed by the much beloved 6th District Congressman Howard Coble, who died in 2015.

Walker, standing in front of a new campaign bus, told the crowd of about 400 at the Greensboro Auto Auction on Thursday night that with their help he could overcome those odds again.

Walker said that when he stepped away from Congress in 2020, the idea was to take his message of people over politics to the state and “What we are basically saying is we are going to stay on that path and keep working on that.”

Walker said that when he got to Congress he had a lot more freedom than most representatives because he hadn’t accepted money from political action dommittees (PACs).  He said that allowed him to represent the people who elected him and not organizations who had paid to get him elected.

Walker said, “Can we win this thing there is not a doubt in my mind.”

Walker said, “If you go to Washington, DC, and you’re only grounded in politics, you’ll get blown all over the place.  My faith is in Jesus Christ.”

He said, “God does some extraordinary things with ordinary people.”

According to recent polls of the three front runners in the Republican Senate primary Walker is in third place with the support of about 7 percent.  Former NC Gov. Pat McCrory is in first place with about 24 percent and 13th District Congressman Ted Budd is in second with about 19 percent.

According to the current schedule, the statewide primary will be held on Tuesday, May 17 and between now and the middle of May, Walker plans to put a lot of miles on his new campaign bus.