It appears that 2020 is going to kick off with a bang, at least as far as rezoning requests go.

There is already one rezoning request on the agenda for the Wednesday, Jan. 22 Zoning Commission meeting that has garnered quite a bit of opposition and at this point no one knows exactly what the request will be.

The request is to rezone the property at 4100, 4108 and 4110 Lawndale Dr. and 4201 Lake Jeanette Road from Residential Single Family-5 (R-5) to Conditional District – Commercial – Low (CD-C-L).

Commercial Low is between Commercial-Neighborhood and Commercial-Medium in intensity.

According to the zoning ordinance, “The C-L, Commercial-Low district is primarily intended to accommodate low-intensity shopping and services close to residential areas. The district is established to provide locations for business that serve nearby neighborhoods. The district is typically located near the intersection of collectors or thoroughfares in areas which are otherwise developed with residences.”

The rezoning request is for CD-C-L and according to the city planning department the conditions that will further restrict the use have not been filed. But a post at states that the conditions will include limiting the footprint and height of the buildings and eliminating any drive-thru uses.

According to that Nextdoor post from Bill McBee, the attorney involved has also stated “additional dialogue with you and your neighborhood could be helpful in terms of answering questions and considering further conditions to add to the request.”

Judging from the comments to that post on Nextdoor, regardless of what the conditions are, there is opposition to any rezoning on that corner of Lawndale Drive and Lake Jeanette Road.

A comment from Christine Rohrie reads, “NO!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT.”

Carol Quinn ended her comment with, “No Rezoning.”

But not everyone is opposed. John Salmon commented, “Urban encroachment? This potential rezoning is a classic case of urban “infilling.” This area is changing and had been forever, good for the property owners. It’s their land and they have paid taxes on it …Just another case of Not in my backyard.”