If you’ve always kind of enjoyed raking all those leaves to edge of your yard and having the city come by with a huge truck mounted vacuum and hauling them away, it’s time to get out there and start raking because that program is coming to an end.

This is the final year of loose leaf collection by the City of Greensboro, and the city has just announced the schedule. Leaves that are at the curb by Nov. 6 will be picked up by Dec. 22, and leaves that are at the curb by Jan. 2 will be picked up by Feb. 2.

Or that’s what the city says, but it’s not even in the neighborhood of being true.  A couple of neighborhoods have to have their leaves out by Nov. 6, but the vast majority don’t because that is simply the date when the whole leaf program kicks off.  It’s going to take the city until Dec. 22 to get to every house in the city, so there are some folks who can get their leaves out to the street on Dec. 21 and still have them picked up.

The city provides an  interactive map, which you can click on to see when you neighborhood is scheduled to have its leaves picked up.

Because the schedule can change due to inclement weather, it probably won’t be Feb. 2, but sometime in February when the run is complete, that will be it for loose leaf collection in Greensboro.

Each household will be getting another big plastic bin to go along with the recycling bin and the garbage bin, and this one will be for yard waste.  During the leaf season residents will also be allowed to put 15 biodegradable paper bags of leaves or other yard waste.

According to the new yard waste ordinance, the city will only collect clear plastic yard waste bags, and after March 1, 2024, the city will only collect biodegradable paper bags.

According to the city, by providing every household in the city with a new yard waste bin, retiring the current fleet of leaf trucks and buying new equipment to collect bagged yard waste, the city is going to save money.