After 17 years, Kersey Valley Attractions has found a way to make its Maize Adventure, which opens on Saturday, Sept. 21, not only better but more environmentally friendly as well.

In the past, Kersey Valley has always planted the field and then used a GPS enabled tractor to cut the maze. This year they partnered with MazePlay to create more specialized and intricate designs by using a GPS planter to plant the corn in the maze patterns.

Kersey Valley Attractions owner Tony Wohlgemuth said, “The GPS planter will allow us to create more custom, picture-perfect designs than we were able to make with just an old-school tractor. Guests making their way through the maze will find more surprise twists and turns. And we hope that will up the level of fun their getting when they spend a day with us.”

Using the GPS planter programmed with the maze design, they are not limited by the turning radius of the tractor. The planter simply doesn’t plant corn in the pathways. It’s more environmentally friendly because they aren’t growing corn just to cut it down for the maze.

An added benefit is that the corn maze staff can learn the maze as it grows, instead of trying to take it all in after the corn has grown and the paths have been cut.

Wohlgemuth said, “We always try to stay on the forefront of technology and innovation when it comes to our attractions.”

This year’s design includes many North Carolina related themes, including a lighthouse, the letters NC (what could be more North Carolina than that) and an outline of the state.

Kersey Valley Attractions started off in 1985 as a haunted attraction and has since expanded into a year round adventure site with season attractions like the Maize Adventure and special events.