Well-known News 2 anchor Julie Luck, who was sidelined from television news earlier this year with a colon cancer diagnosis, is finally back on the air to the delight of her many fans, friends and followers.

In late January, Luck shocked local news viewers when she made the announcement, at the end of a 6 p.m. broadcast, that she had been diagnosed with the disease.

There was an outpouring of love and support when Luck explained that she was stunned by the diagnosis after a colonoscopy and that she would be off the air for an unknown amount of time. The diagnosis was so shocking because Luck did not fall in any of the high-risk categories for colon cancer and she’s known for her healthy and active lifestyle.

Before she went off the air – and after she did as well, using social media – Luck used her challenging situation to remind everyone that colon cancer can strike anyone and that it’s important to get regular colonoscopies.

Luck said upon her recent return to broadcasting that, though she’s now cancer-free, she’ll need to be monitored for five years for colon cancer. She’ll also need to undergo regular CT scans and blood work to assure there’s no recurrence.

The good news for her fans is that now, those who tune in to News 2 will see the same healthy, energetic and gregarious Luck that has won over so many viewers through the years.

Luck credits the support of the community for keeping her spirits high during the ordeal, and, in a News 2 report, she said she was very thankful to all of the viewers who supported her this year.

She said in the report that she has had “an army of people” praying, supporting and encouraging her.

“Thank you to the viewers, all the people that I’ve never met, fellow cancer patients and survivors,” Luck stated. “I thank them for all their support. The cancer journey can be very lonely, but I never felt lonely from the cards, the posts, the messages, the gifts, the flowers and the list goes on. I’ve been surrounded by love since the very beginning.”