Former Greensboro City Councilmember Jim Kee announced Wednesday, Feb. 15, that he is running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 2024.

Although, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has not made an official announcement, it is a poorly kept secret that his plan is to run for governor in 2024, which would leave the lieutenant governor’s seat open.

Kee served on the Greensboro City Council representing District 2 from 2009 to 2013, when he lost to Jamal Fox.

Kee ran for the state House in 2014 and for the District 2 City Council seat in 2017, but came up short both times.

Kee said he was at a Republican convention recently talking about running for mayor of Greensboro and someone suggested that he consider running for lieutenant governor, since that seat would be open.  Kee said that one of his considerations was that Republicans have a difficult time getting elected in Greensboro.

He said, “If I can help the citizens of Greensboro, I can sure help the people of North Carolina.”

Kee said, “Greensboro is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s the next boom city in North Carolina and we are going to need some help and direction at the state level.  Being elected statewide I think I could have more of an effect for Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh and all of the cities and towns in the state.”

Kee’s campaign brochure states, “Jim’s passion is to impact N.C. through lowering taxes, increasing business, and establishing a government that represents all the people. He is a developer and farmer as well as Executive Director of Concept Innovators CDC, Inc. where he is developing senior and veteran housing in Greensboro, an Aquaponics urban farm, and a solar farm.”

Kee’s campaign brochure also lists a number of issues including:

“Affordable Housing – seniors, veterans, law enforcement, teachers, state employees, 1st responders. Veterans and seniors should get care first.”

“Support the Police. Police deserve and increase in pay.”

“Increase teacher and state employees pay.”

“Pro-Life & Pro-children – we must preserve the innocence of our children by not exposing them to anti-Biblical teaching.”