If you don’t see many “Trump for President” signs in Jamestown this election, don’t think that the president lacks support in that town.

Instead, those signs have been the targets of choice of political sign thieves.

In Jamestown, Trump signs have gone missing and some Trump faithful in that area are upset.

One Jamestown homeowner, who said he didn’t want his name used, spoke with Rhino Times and said he had three Trump signs from the 2016 election that he put out on the weekend of Saturday, Oct. 17 – only to find those signs stolen when he checked the next morning.

“I put out three Trump signs – I had kept them from 2016 and I cleaned them up,” the upset Trump supporter said. “The next morning the signs were gone. I’ve got the pictures.”

He said he went to a Republican friend to see about getting some more signs and his friend told him the same thing had happened to him.

“They’re pulling up signs everywhere,” the Jamestown man said.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Department posted the following message on the social media site Next Door: “We at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office wanted to send out a friendly reminder about the crime of damaging or stealing political signs. First and foremost, we ask everyone to please be respectful of others, their political views, and their property. Also keeping in mind, the damaging or stealing of political signs is a crime in the state of North Carolina. Those who are caught engaging in such activities will be charged.”

Thefts of political signs are a crime but many victims don’t call the police or the Sheriff’s Department to file a report. According to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, officers for that department have taken five reports of sign theft or vandalism this year.

The Jamestown man with three missing signs said he hopes the Sheriff’s Department makes good on that pledge.

He added that there’s another reason he hopes the culprit or culprits are caught.

“I want my signs back,” he said.