Candidates often run for office saying the reason they are running is they want to serve their community. But, people have plenty of opportunities to serve the community without running for office.

If you do want to serve your community and learn something about how local government actually works, there are a wealth of opportunities available.

Greensboro has a board, commission or committee for pretty much everything and it appears right now most of those boards, commissions and committees have openings.

Here is the list of city boards, commissions and committees that currently have openings or will have one shortly:

Board of Adjustment, Bryan Park Golf Commission, Commission on the Status of Women, Community Sustainability Council, County Joint Historic Properties Commission, Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission, Greensboro Housing Authority, Greensboro Transit Authority, Guilford County Transportation, Historic Preservation Commission, Human Relations Commission, Library Board of Trustees, Minimum Housing Standards Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Participatory Budgeting Board, Planning Board, Redevelopment Commission of Greensboro, Solid Waste Management Commission, Tourism Development Authorityand War Memorial Commission

All it takes to get on most of these boards is to be nominated by a City Councilmember and then there is perfunctory vote by the City Council on the appointment.  Maybe once every ten years someone doesn’t get confirmed, but it may not be that often.

Some boards are more popular than others.  The Zoning Commission is considered good experience for those interested in running for City Council.  It’s meetings are televised and zoning issues can be a heated.

The Parks and Recreation Commission meetings are also televised, and who doesn’t like parks and recreation.

The Board of Adjustment sounds boring and the meetings aren’t televised but it is a powerful board. Appeals of decisions by the Board of Adjustment go to Superior Court.

Everyone in the city is represented by the three at large councilmembers, a district councilmember and the mayor.  Any one of the five can appoint a person to a committee.  If you would like to get on a board or commission you can contact any member of the City Council or the City Clerk’s office to get the ball rolling.