Next month, the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot will take a trip back through time, way back to the period when dinosaurs roamed Earth.

May 14 through May 16 and May 19 through May 23, life sized, roaring and moving dinosaurs will be roaming the Coliseum parking lot.

And you are invited to come see them from the safety of your own vehicle.

All vehicles will follow the same one-way route through the Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru.

In addition to seeing these prehistoric reptiles from your vehicle, there will also be an opportunity to meet baby dinosaurs up close and take a free family adventure photo.  In addition to viewing the giant prehistoric animals, guests have the option of following along with a fun and educational audio tour that will tell them what they are seeing and guide them along on their journey back in time.

Tickets are $49 per vehicle of up to eight people.  Tickets are limited and sold on a per day, per time-period basis.   An Ultimate Adventure souvenir toy pack is also available for purchase. Admission tickets and adventure packs will not be sold on site but can be purchased at

The dinosaurs roaming around outside the Greensboro Coliseum will include a 40-foot T-Rex, a 30-foot Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Velociraptors and many more.

The show is being brought to the Greensboro Coliseum by the Pinnacle Production Group which has delivered over 1,000 shows to over 5 million attendees.

Sanjay Syal, president and CEO of Pinnacle Production Group, said, “We love that we can bring these prehistoric animals to life, and we hope this event will give families a safe and exciting adventure as we work our way back to normalcy.”

Because the adventure takes place in your own vehicle there is no need to be concerned about social distancing, masks or excessive cleaning.