The week of Monday, April 12 is going to bring a big change to 16,000 residences in Greensboro.

April 12 is the day the Greensboro Field Operations Department will start running new routes and the garbage, yard waste and recycling pickup day is going to change for 16,000 households.

So the day those folks have grown accustomed to toting their trash and recycling bins to the street will be different.

For those who are calendar-challenged, changing a habit that they have grown accustomed to may be, well, challenging.

For most residents of Greensboro there is no change in the pickup days, but 16,000 households is still a lot of folks.

Those who will have a change in their pickup schedule should have received a day change notice in the mail and a new calendar.  If you haven’t received a day change notice from the city, it’s safe to assume that you are not affected.

If you want to make sure you can go to the GSO Collects website and type in your address to see if your service day is changing.  At that site you can also sign up for an automated phone, email or text reminder to help you remember the new date.  If you didn’t receive a new calendar from the city or can’t find the one you did receive, you can also print out a new calendar with the correct dates for pickup for your address.

On the GSO Collects web page there is also a map showing the locations of the service changes, so a quick glance at the map might be enough to ascertain whether or not you are affected.

Installing the GSO Collects app on your smartphone will provide you with regular service reminders and if you have already installed the GSO Collects app your service day will automatically be updated for the new routes.

You can also call 336-373-2489 and find out if your pick-up day is changing.