It’s a lot easier to grow vegetables and other plants when the weather is warm, but just because it will turn cold in a few months doesn’t mean you necessarily have to cut down on your vegetable gardening.

On Saturday, Sept. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Teaching Garden site at the High Point Public Library at 901 N. Main St. the library will host a class called “Fall Vegetable Gardens: Extending Your Harvest.”

This information session is meant to teach vegetable growers about “season extenders” – such as covers and enclosures that help trap heat and ward off the cold.  The class will also offer other tips and techniques on ways to keep gardens growing well past the first frost of the year.

With the cost of produce at the grocery stores shooting skyward, more people may be interested in growing their own vegetables and in getting more produce from their gardens.

The class has the attractive price of $0 and 0 cents and is open to everyone.

The presentation, which will be led by the city’s well-known gardening fanatic Mark Taylor, is open to the public.

Taylor (pictured above) has been teaching area residents about gardening and related matters for years, and he can also be found in YouTube videos and on other internet sites giving advice on things like growing larger tomatoes and on the subject that will be taught on September 24 – ways people can grow vegetables later into the year than they might assume.

One simple method Taylor offers is making a “hoop house” for your plants – which sounds a little complicated but is actually just a frost-protective covering held up by some supports.