At least in one statistic 2021 in Greensboro so far is worse than 2020.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 9, there have been seven homicides in Greensboro in 2021.  In 2020, by the same date, there had been four homicides according to Greensboro Police Department Public Information Officer Ron Glenn.

When you consider that 2020 started with a triple homicide on Jan. 1, that means that from Jan. 2 to Feb. 9 2020 there was only one homicide. And from Jan. 2 to Feb. 9 in 2021 there have been seven homicides.

The year 2020 didn’t start well or end well for Greensboro in the homicide category.  The year started with three homicides on the first day, and by Dec. 31, 2020, Greensboro had set a new record for homicides with a total of 61 during the year.  The previous record was 45, which was set in 2019.  In 2018, there were 38 homicides in Greensboro.

On July 7, 2020, after Greensboro had experienced seven murders in seven days, Police Chief Brian James held a press conference where he said, “I stand before you today asking for the community’s help in reducing and solving these senseless acts of violence.”

At that press conference, James also noted that at that time Greensboro had had 29 homicides in 2020 and was on course to set a record nobody wanted to set for the most homicides in a year.

Then the second half of the year was worse than the first with a total of 32 homicides.

James also held a press conference on Nov. 30, 2020 to talk about the 56 homicides that had occurred up to that point in 2020.  He said they were looking at the resources the Police Department had and asking the question, “Do we actually have enough police resources for a city this size?”

A study to determine the answer to that question is supposed to be underway.