How’s this for encouraging people to buy a “Catalyst Club” season ticket to the High Point Rockers baseball games: Unlike the rest of the crowd, who will have to get by on mere beer and wine, Catalyst Club members will be allowed to buy mixed drinks at the games.

Others will have to resort to hiding a flask under their jackets.

That and a host of other fascinating new details – and a hint of a big mystery yet to be unveiled – were made public by the Rockers’ franchise on Monday, Feb. 18.

The team, which will play its first game in history on Thursday, May 2, announced ticket packages and a slew of promotions.  The team also provided an intriguing statement by Rockers President Ken Lehner who said that one part of the stadium will have “a game changer in the concessions industry.”

As if that statement isn’t enough to pique curiosity, Lehner added, “Yes, this quote is a tease and you can quote me that it is a tease so stay tuned.”

Until now, virtually no one was aware that the concessions industry could even have game changers.  No sources would reveal the mystery, which could be anything from high-tech robots that put exactly the right amount of condiments on hot dogs to self-tossing bags of peanuts.

In a statement released along with the ticket prices and package options, Lehner said the team is pleased with the season ticket sales so far and he added that a lot of people have been asking when individual game tickets will go on sale.  The answer is now known: Tuesday, March 26 at 10 a.m.

The team has been taking orders for season tickets for months but hasn’t revealed single game prices until now.  Along with the date for buying tickets, the Rockers also announced a somewhat overwhelming number of perks, single-ticket options, group promotions and other choices.

Single tickets for each game are… well, it’s complicated.

Single game tickets will be on sale for $5 in the left field bleachers, $6 in the right field section – which will be called “Home Run Reserve” – $10 in the outfield box, $12 in the infield box, $14 behind home plate, and $34 in the Catalyst Club with a $1 surcharge added on fireworks nights.

Depending on the seat location, 35-game season tickets, already on sale, range from $315 to $420 per seat.

The Catalyst Club, which cost an extra $200 on the season ticket price, will be the only place at BB&T Point stadium where hard liquor will be available for purchase.  Also, Catalyst Club season ticket holders, including suite and loge box owners, are going to get a rotating menu of appetizers and finger foods, a snack station with peanuts, popcorn and pretzels – and even desserts around the sixth inning of each game.  They’ll also get two drink vouchers valid for beer, soda, water, or wine for every game.

There are also 18-game plans available – essentially half-season ticket plans – that range from $162 to $234 per seat.  Those tickets “include the same seat for all games in one of four pre-selected plans featuring 15 set games and three vouchers to be used at any other game, with exclusions.”

There are also all sorts of group options.  For instance, parents can book a birthday party for their kid, with a minimum of 10 guests, starting at $15 per person.  The “Rockers Style Birthday Experience” – no relation to the Jimmy Hendrix Experience – includes a team gift for the birthday boy or girl, a birthday cake, seats in the left field bleachers and an appearance on the field during the game with the Rockers mascot.

Other fans can book a group outing for as few as 15 people in four different areas of BB&T Point with catering available.  Each section includes a 90-minute, all-you-can-eat buffet.  Menus depend on the section and a la carte options will also be available if you’re a picky eater.

Those who wish to plan a group outing without any catering can purchase discounted tickets in bulk for all games other than the opening day game.  Prices will range from $5 to $13 depending on the location and size of the group.

Christian Heimall, the assistant general manager for the team, said a good deal of work went into determining the pricing structure.

“It’s a lot of research,” he said. “We look at what’s going on around the country.”

He added that the project is right on track as far as forming the team and building the new $36-million stadium.

“Everything is going just as we planned,” he said.

According to Heimall, the team can start training camp with up to 35 players but will have to cut that number to 25 before fielding a team.

He wouldn’t reveal any of the big plans for opening night – which, based on High Point’s commitment to the project, will no doubt be something to witness.

“We are working on all that stuff but there’s nothing I’m ready to say about it now,” he said.

Given the effort going into the project and the fact that High Point University President Nido Qubein is involved, no one should be surprised if Lady Gaga is brought in to sing the national anthem while there is a fly over by the Blue Angels.