On Tuesday, Oct. 8, City of High Point residents took a big step in selecting their next mayor – they voted in the primary election that was meant to whittle the number of candidates down to two in for the election next month.

And, for now, the city has its two candidates for mayor: High Point Mayor Jay Wagner and Guilford County Commissioner Carlvena Foster, who represents much of High Point on that county board.

But there may be a fly in the ointment for her mayoral bid – a fly that goes by the name of Bruce Davis, a former Guilford County Commissioner. On Wednesday, the day after the election, the vote stood at 2,466 votes for Wagner, with 44.67 percent of the vote; 1,542 votes for Foster, with 27.93 percent; and 1,513 votes for Davis, who pulled in 27.40 percent.

If those numbers stand, Wagner and Foster would duke it out for the mayor’s seat – however, since Davis is within a percentage point of Foster, he’s entitled to a recount if he requests one, and, in past elections, Davis has been known to fight hard even once the votes were in.

Davis did not immediately return a call from the Rhino Times on Wednesday, Oct. 9, but Foster has already said publically that she’s anticipating a recount since the vote was close, a mere 29-vote difference.

High Point’s elections are much more complicated than most since the votes are cast in four counties and that may mean that four elections boards weigh in on a recount or challenge.

There are still some provisional and by-mail votes that will be counted by the local Boards of Elections if they are determined to be valid. For instance, Guilford County has seven votes that are still not in the mix.