It’s not unusual for local elected leaders to make the news from time to time, but one High Point city councilman is creating a whole lot of buzz for something he intends to do at the High Point Library this coming weekend.

It’s not the typical entertaining and educational event that you’d expect to find at a public library – but the cause is a good one and the attendees should find it very interesting indeed.

And maybe even a little frightening at times.

On Saturday, June 18, at 10 a.m., the High Point Public Library will host a beekeeping demonstration. High Point City Councilman and beekeeper Wesley Hudson will lead the presentation and talk at a beehive on the corner of Sunset and North Elm Street in High Point – a hive that he previously helped establish.

The beehive is part of the library’s teaching garden effort and the bees are meant to pollinate some of the plants in the garden.  There are signs that advise onlookers not to get too close to the beehive.

The class, which is free and requires no registration, is meant for beginner beekeepers, but anyone is welcome.

Hudson, who’s owned an organic landscaping business for about two decades, has been making it his business to educate anyone interested about the plight of American honeybees.  Like a lot of people across the country, he’s been alarmed at the way that multiple factors have been driving down the bee population in recent years.

Earlier this year, he was quoted in a City of High Point newsletter saying, “Unfortunately, pesticides have just about wiped out the native honey bee population. For all intents and purposes, there are no wild honey bees left in America.  They are all in hives.”