A massive Guilford County fiscal 2022-2023 budget – much, much more expensive than any previous county budget in history – is expected to be adopted by the Guilford County Board of Commissioners at the Board’s Thursday, June 16 meeting.

The commissioners will tweak a few things in Guilford County Manager Michael Halford proposed budget, but, in the end, the final budget will only be missing one thing – complaints from groups or causes that felt like they didn’t get enough funding.

The Rhino Times has been calling the county’s 2022-2023 budget an “everything and the kitchen sink” budget because, the Rhino Times feels confident that even a kitchen sink is in this budget – for instance, a sink for the new Sheriff’s Department headquarters to name one possible location.

Halford’s budget includes gobs of money for school funding and a long list of generous funding for community non-profits – and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said this week that he expects more non-profit funding to be added before a final budget is approved – likely along party lines with the Democrats voting to approve.

The only thing missing is complaints from groups who say they didn’t get enough this year.

In past years, in public hearings on the proposed budget, hundreds of speakers have shown up in the commissioners large meeting room on the second floor of the Old Guilford County Court House to chastise the board or the manager for leaving out this program or that program – or for, say, not giving enough money to the school system for operations.

However, this year, the board had a total of 11 speakers from the floor in the June budget hearing and the majority of those were there with one simple message:  “Thank You.”

Thank you for all the money you’re providing this or that program year.

So, what was missing from the public hearing in 2022 were the hundreds of budget critics who felt that their group, department or cause didn’t get enough in the new county budget.

To some, that may seem to be an indication that the budget is a wonderful one. However, those who are footing the bill for the 2021-2022 budget – namely Guilford County  property owners – may not like it as much as many other residents once tax bills are sent out next month.