The coronavirus might be the topic of conversation that everyone is always talking about these days; however, believe it or not, there is other news.

For instance, the City of High Point is now the proud new owner of the building and former American Legion property at 1102 Penny Road. The High Point City Council approved the purchase at Monday, April 6 meeting, which was held without the public present due to the pandemic.

The move was made in order to enhance High Point’s greenway and river path offerings. Plans call for the city to demolish the building on the land and then rework the property to make it a city asset that benefits local nature lovers in several ways.

Once the American Legion building is removed, the city plans to create a parking area – and, likely, a public restroom – for those people enjoying the nearby greenway.

High Point officials are also planning a “bioswale” on the land to improve water quality. Bioswales are gently sloped channels meant to control stormwater runoff, replenish groundwater and remove debris naturally.

The former American Legion property may also become a connection to “blueway” trails along the Deep River and serve as a pedestrian crossing to Arnold J. Koonce, Jr. City Lake Park, which, until recently, was known as High Point City Lake.

The property is in an ideal location for the effort since it’s next to the lake and the Bicentennial Greenway, and is near the Piedmont Environmental Center.

The city paid the same price for the property that it was carrying it on the tax books at – $118,000. The building that will be no more sits on a one-acre tract.

City staff recommended the purchase to the city council, which was agreeable to the purchase and the plan.  

High Point has been conducting multiple beautification and renovation efforts in recent years, one that affect everything from the city’s downtown to long neglected neighborhoods.