On Thursday, April 16, High Point Mayor Jay Wagner announced that the City of High Point’s local stay-at-home order – originally issued on Wednesday, March 25 – will expire at midnight on April 16, and it won’t be extended by the county’s second largest city.

When the local order comes to an end as the clock strikes 12, High Point residents will still be subject to the provisions of the State of North Carolina’s similar order.

So most people in High Point will have to stay home most of the time – but the change is expected to remove some existing confusion that resulted from a difference in stringency between the two orders on some matters.

Also on April 16, Guilford County announced that the county would not be extending its stay-at-home order. Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Jeff Phillips and other county officials said they thought that not extending the county’s order would help eliminate some confusion about the rules.

High Point Mayor Jay Wagner stated his reasoning in an April 16 press release that came out just hours after Guilford County announced its decision.

“Ultimately, I believe in the people of High Point to exercise their freedom along with the responsibility to protect their families, friends and neighbors,” Wagner said. “It is on that basis that I support Commissioner Phillips’ decision to allow the Guilford County Stay at Home Order to expire and why I will allow my order covering High Point to expire as well.”

High Point, Guilford County and the State of North Carolina will all remain under a State of Emergency due to the multitude of problems caused by the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

According to the April 16 press release, High Point residents “are still required to stay at home unless essential, and all unnecessary travel is still banned. Additionally, social distancing regulations are still in place, and gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited with very limited exceptions.”

Residents can still go to the grocery store, the pharmacy or to another “essential business to obtain essential items” and “outdoors for exercise.”

The statement from High Point notes that some additional businesses will be able to reopen, “but will be required to safeguard any patrons through stringent social distancing and sanitation requirements.”

Wagner also noted that the city has a right to put the order right back in place in the future.

“Please understand that if our residents do not exercise their freedom responsibly or if the health emergency conditions change, more stringent restrictions may have to be reimposed,” Wagner stated. “Therefore, I implore each of you to obey the Governor’s orders and to continue heeding the CDC guidelines.”