One of the trickiest things about the coronavirus pandemic is keeping up with all of the stay-at-home orders and knowing how the many rules should be interpreted.

For those who live in Greensboro or High Point, there is a city order, a Guilford County order, a state order and a set of federal guidelines.

On Monday, April 13, the City of High Point sent out a press release notifying the public of a change in that city’s stay-at-home order that’s meant to keep that city’s rules and regulations in line with changes Guilford County made in its order last week.

Though the press release was sent out on April 13, it reflected changes in High Point’s rules that went into effect on Friday, April 10.   High Point Mayor Jay Wagner amended the city’s order as it pertains to “drive-in” church services and auto sales. Last week, Guilford County modified its stay-at-home order for a second time with rules that now allow up to 50 cars at a church drive-in service if the cars maintain a parking space between each other and if those cars are each limited to members of a single family. The county’s order also allowed in-person vehicle sales at dealerships if some very stringent social distancing and sanitation practices are followed. High Point’s order is now in line with the county’s – at least until the next set of changes comes down.

Guilford County first enacted its social distancing rules days before NC Gov. Roy Cooper issued the state’s Stay-at Home order on Saturday, March 27. Guilford County later amended its rules to bring them more in line with Cooper’s order.

County officials have stated that, if stay-at-home orders aren’t in alignment, citizens are supposed to follow the order with the strictest guidelines.

Even at the federal level, those guidelines have been changing – sometimes in major ways. For instance, at first, federal health officials stated that people should not wear masks in everyday situations, but those same officials later said people should.