Former Sixth District Congressman Howard Coble died over four years ago, but he’s still receiving awards.

Coble, affectionately known by his constituents of both parties as “Our Congressman,” represented North Carolina’s 6th congressional district for 30 years. Coble was recognized for his outstanding constituent services and for knowing the high school mascot of every high school in his district, even though the folks in Raleigh kept redrawing the district lines.

On behalf of Coble, on Wednesday, Jan. 8, state Rep. Jon Hardister accepted the “John P. East Memorial Award” from former chair of the Guilford County Republican Party Marcus Kindley at the Coble House Center for Outreach at Alamance Presbyterian Church. Coble had been a lifelong member of Alamance Presbyterian Church and the house was named in his honor.

The award also recognized Coble’s induction into the North Carolina Republican Party Hall of Fame.

Hardister noted that he got his start in politics working in Coble’s congressional office. He said that Coble always told him to remember the three B’s of speaking: “Be brief, be interesting and be seated.”

He was and he did.

Hardister presented the trophy to Alamance Presbyterian Church pastor Rev. Kyle Goodman.

Hardister said he was trying to decide what to do with the trophy and he couldn’t think of a better place for it than the Coble House at Alamance Presbyterian Church, which was how the short ceremony attended by about 30 people came to be.

Those in attendance included Guilford County Commission Alan Branson, who also spoke briefly, was interesting and sat down, along with Republican 6th District congressional candidate Lee Haywood and the Mayor of Pleasant Garden Carla Strickland.

The John P. East Award “recognizes a deceased individual who not only believed in the ideals of the Republican Party, but also demonstrated their commitment to the Republican Party in North Carolina at any level.”