It’s no secret that a majority of the people who want a COVID-19 vaccination have gotten one – and now Guilford County government is trying to make it extra convenient for residents to get the shots.

In hopes that it will drive up vaccination rates in the county, the most recent vaccination strategy among Guilford County health officials is: if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.  In this case, Guilford County health officials are making vaccination units mobile and sending them out into targeted communities where vaccination rates have been low.

Guilford County Health Director Dr. Iulia Vann told the Guilford County Board of Commissioners at a recent meeting that two new mobile vaccination units are on the way to take some of the load off of the one already in heavy use.

“We continue to wait for our other two mobile units that we are in the process of getting,” she reported to the board.  “We estimate that the delivery will continue to be sometime in October.”

The health director added that the units’ vendors didn’t expect the delivery date to be any later than next month.

Vann said the new units will be a welcome addition to the vaccination effort since the one mobile unit the county now has is getting a whole lot of business.

“We have put this unit to work,”  Vann said,  “It’s been out in the community in so many different places and so many different settings.”

Vann also noted that the generator on that mobile unit had experienced problems that caused it to be out of commission for a short time.

In addition to using mobile units to get the vaccination out, Guilford County government is also establishing a “call center” stocked with workers who will call county residents and encourage them to get vaccinated.