Two huge themes for Guilford County government going into 2024 are battling homelessness and hunger.

In order to address hunger issues, Guilford County officials are now publicizing two tools they hope will be effective in supporting residents who don’t have access to food. A webpage that contains just about anything anyone would want to know about finding free food in Guilford County, and a smartphone app that does the same thing.

In collaboration with its local partners attempting to address hunger, Guilford County has created a Food Resources webpage to help people find free food. The internet resource lists about two dozen organizations and locations where those who can’t afford food can find it. The resource offers other important information as well for each food distribution point or organization such as address, hours of operations and any requirements necessary to access the service or get help from the organization.

The Guilford County Food Resources webpage can be found at

The listed sources of food for the needy include everything from food pantries, to churches with programs for feeding the hungry, to community organizations dedicated mainly to providing food to needy county residents.

Just to take one example, the Food Resources webpage lists The Blessed Table, and notes its location at 3210 Summit Ave. in Greensboro. The webpage gives the phone number, and provides the information anyone seeking food would need to know: “Hours of Operation: Operates Tuesday-Friday 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. Requirements: Referral from DSS needed. May come 6 times a year, 30 days apart. Photo ID and SS required for all residents of household.”

The webpage also points people in need to the Greater Guilford County Food Finder App for Android and iOS – which is an expanded version of the former Greater High Point Food Finder App.

The phone application helps users find charitable food sources near their current location and connects them to. any available food options. The app also has, in addition to the Find Food function, a Find Help function. That allows app users to find help for substance abuse, mental health issues and homeless.