The Guilford County Republican Party has stepped into the fray about statements made by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson about young children being exposed to sexually explicit materials in the classrooms of public schools and taken out of context.

Robinson, who is North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor, resides in Greensboro and was an active member of the Guilford County Republican Party before taking office as lieutenant governor, and if he happens to be in town Robinson and his wife, Yolanda, still attend the monthly meeting of the Guilford County Republican Party.

Robinson attracted a national following in 2018 when a video of a three-minute speech about Second Amendment rights he made before the Greensboro City Council went viral.

The statement that follows in full, leaves no doubt about the unwavering support of the Guilford County Republican Party for Robinson.

“The Guilford County Republican Party proudly stands with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as he endures the false and malicious attacks of left-wing politicians and media propagandists for exposing the existence of child pornography in our state’s schools.

“We are far more concerned with those who show support for this smut by attacking Robinson, or saying nothing. To include this filth in libraries where it is easily accessible to students, many of whom have not reached puberty, is reprehensible and unacceptable.

“Lt. Gov. Robinson is to be praised and supported as he holds firm to the values he shares with the vast majority of North Carolinians. The Greensboro native is our neighbor and friend, a man of faith who holds no hate toward anyone and believes all citizens are entitled to equal protection of the laws. Yet, after a radical leftist group posted a manipulated video of his June talk at Asbury Baptist Church in Randolph County, his remarks denouncing child pornography were and still are misrepresented by Democrat politicians and the media.

“Robinson speaks for the vast majority of North Carolina citizens when he says schools should not indoctrinate our young children regarding deviant sexual actions. Democrats should explain to their constituents why they believe this material is appropriate for young public school students.

“We pray that God continues to give Lt. Gov. Robinson the strength to withstand the attacks of radical leftists as he stands firmly in defense our school children, our morals, beliefs, state and country.”