The Guilford County Republican Party (GCRP) stayed the course, and on Tuesday, Sept. 19, when District 3 Guilford County Board of Education member Michael Logan was sworn into office, finally won the nine-month battle with the Democratic majority on the Guilford County Board of Education.

After Logan took his seat on the school board, the GCRP issued a press release congratulating Logan.

In that press release, GCRP Chairman Chris Meadows said, “After nine months of orchestrated obstructions from the Democrat-majority Board, the rightful and duly nominated person has finally been seated to the Board of Education District 3. The voters and residents of District 3 now have lawful representation.”

Meadows added, “Michael Logan has handled the delays with professionalism and integrity. We have full confidence in Mr. Logan to represent the citizens of District 3 well.”

Logan is a recently retired teacher with 26 years of experience teaching in the Guilford County school system.

After administering the oath of office to Logan, former Guilford County Board of Education member Anita Sharpe said, “Michael will give his heart and soul for this system, as some of us have done for a number of years.”

The GCRP Executive Committee first nominated Logan for the open District 3 seat on the school board on Nov. 28, 2022.  The nomination was to serve the remainder of the term of former District 3 school board member Pat Tillman who was elected as the District 3 Guilford County commissioner in 2022.

The Democratic majority on the Guilford County school board voted against seating Logan on the board in December. The GCRP executive committee continued to nominate Logan and the Democrats on the school board continued to vote against him.

In March, the North Carolina legislature stepped in and removed the requirement that the school board approve the nomination. Logan attended the April 4 meeting of the Guilford County school board, expecting to be sworn into office. However, the Democratic majority on the Guilford County school board found a legal technicality in the new law that allowed the school board to appoint any qualified voter from District 3 to the open seat.  The Democratic majority on the school board chose Bill Goebel, and he was sworn into office at that meeting.

The North Carolina legislature stepped in again and removed Goebel from office on Aug. 17, the date the bill became law. The new law also stated that the nominee of the Guilford County Republican Party Executive Committee, “shall take the oath of office at the next regular meeting of the board” and Logan did.