The Executive Committee of the Guilford County Democratic Party recently passed a resolution calling for defunding the Greensboro Police Department.

According to the Democratic Party newsletter, the resolution was done in conjunction with Greensboro Rising.

The resolution states, “Reduce funding to the police, so they cannot buy militarized weapons to harm us and redirect funding to Crisis Intervention and Recreation Centers.”

Under that heading the resolution states:

“a. Invest in mental health workers to develop an in-house, adequately funded 311 number to give residents an alternative in crisis situations to calling the police. Residents should be able to access trained crisis workers – mental health providers and social workers to de-escalate and address a situation.”

“b. Invest in more funding for organizations that act as alternatives to the police for interventions in mental health, sexual harassment, and domestic violence situations.

“c. Invest in city recreation centers, to create safe, fun and well funded spaces and full-staffed programs for our youth.

“d. Fund these programs with money that is normally spent on weapons, new cars, new policing gadgets, ATVS, segways, trainings that tell police officers to attack the public and promote the ‘Warrior Mentality,’ teargas, and rubber bullets. Fund these programs with money spent setting up check-points to shake down vulnerable people with expired plates and insurance, and money spent “preemptively” profiling Black people.”

The resolution also calls for prohibiting the use of chemical agents, sound cannons “and bullets-rubber or otherwise on groups of civilians.”

It also calls for ending arrests for marijuana possession and for an ordinance that “Spells out and limits the types of force and/or weapons that can be used to respond to specific situations.”

The resolution specifically deals with the death of Marcus Deon Smith and calls for the city to publicly apologize and compensate the family of Smith for his death. It also states, “Fire the officers and their supervisors who helped cover up the homicide for their wrongdoing, demand that the county fire the paramedics involved” and also calls for creating a memorial to honor the life of Smith and other victims of police violence in Greensboro.

The full resolution can be found here: Resolution