During the coronavirus crisis with a statewide stay-at-home order in place, one of the chief ways the City of Greensboro has to communicate with the people of Greensboro is its website at https://www.greensboro-nc.gov/home.

But it doesn’t appear the city is making the best use of that essential tool in communicating at a time when city hall is closed to the public, public meetings are being held with virtual public comment periods and most of the city offices are closed to the public.

On the city website, the landing page cycles through “Campaign Sign Rules,” “Housing Connect GSO,” “Gateway Gardens,” “LeBauer Park” and “Bog Garden.” And if you click on one of these pages there is no mention of the new rules in place during the coronavirus stay-at-home order. The park hours have changed and so have the rules for attending parks.

It seems information like the fact that the playgrounds at all the parks have been closed, as well as the public restrooms, would be information that the city would want to get out to the public in as many ways as possible, and the landing page on the city’s website providing out-of-date information is not helpful.

“Campaign Sign Rules” haven’t changed due to the coronavirus, but the last election in Greensboro was March 3 and the next one will be Nov. 3. Back in February, having campaign sign rules prominently displayed on the website made sense, but what is the point in May?

People all over the city are confused by the new rules for yard waste and household goods such as furniture and old appliances.

Driving around town you see yard waste out in front of many houses day after day. Even many of those who know yard waste pickup has been suspended don’t realize that the fees for a resident taking their yard waste to the White Street Landfill have been suspended or that household items are being picked up but that it is now being done by appointment.

There is a lot of information about the coronavirus situation that should be communicated to the residents of Greensboro that are currently far more important than campaign sign rules, or the hours parks used to operate before all the restrictions when into effect.