The Greensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau revealed new branding for the city – “Greensboro, North Carolina: You’re Welcome” on Monday, April 4.

The branding has Greensboro spelled with a small g with a heart shaped interior.

The new brand is the result of an effort launched by Mayor Nancy Vaughan in 2019 and is the result of over 4,500 completed surveys.  Those surveys were used to develop the “Greensboro, You’re Welcome” brand as well as a marketing blueprint for promoting Greensboro both externally and internally.

According to the press release, the “Greensboro, You’re Welcome” brand is designed to capture both the welcoming spirit of Greensboro and appreciation “for the wonderful community that we live in.”

It also states, “Through this new branding, we are able to express to potential new residents, companies and organizations that they are welcome in Greensboro, and to share with visitors and current residents the many welcoming amenities, events and benefits they will find here.”

The press release states, “What does ‘You’re Welcome’ Mean for Greensboro:

In Greensboro, You’re Welcome to …

  • Discover our family-friendly amenities
  • Thrive with our low cost of living
  • Slow down with low-average commute times and some of the best traffic patterns in the nation
  • Take in our arts scene with multiple theaters, galleries, museums and festivals
  • Sample our booming global food and brewery scene with dozens of farmers’ markets weekly
  • Learn at one of our seven colleges and universities
  • Find a great job, learn new skills, or get the tools you need to start your own busines
  • Walk our historic landmarks
  • Explore hundreds of parks, more than any other NC city
  • Enjoy the friendliest city in NC”

The new Greensboro, You’re Welcome branding and messaging campaign for the City of Greensboro is designed to “Raise awareness of Greensboro’s assets and opportunities” and “Foster and build community pride.”