The 2020 US Census figures are not yet official, but the estimates are out and Greensboro remains the third largest city in North Carolina, but not by much.

Greensboro was once the second largest city in the state, but Raleigh passed Greensboro in population officially in the 1990 census and now Greensboro isn’t close.

Charlotte and Raleigh have grown enormously since 1990, while Greensboro has not, but Greensboro has remained third, albeit a much more distant third.

It appears a sure thing that Greensboro will still be third after the final 2020 census numbers are announced, but it also appears that unless Greensboro can find a way to attract new corporations and jobs to the city before the next census in 2030, Durham will have overtaken Greensboro. Silagra

Ten years ago, in the 2010 census, Greensboro had a population of 269,587 and Durham of 230,710.  The estimates for 2020 are that Greensboro has a population of 299,946 and Durham has 282,737.  In 10 years Greensboro grew by 30,359 and Durham grew by 52,027.

So in 10 years Durham increased over 21,000 in population more than Greensboro and currently Durham is only 17,209 smaller in population than Greensboro.

Durham is currently growing at a rate of 1.52 percent annually and, since the last census in 2010, has grown by 24 percent.  Greensboro by contrast is growing at about half that at 0.88 percent and in the last decade has grown less than half as fast at 11.23 percent.

Winston-Salem, with a current population estimated at 251,762, is growing slowly but still did better than Greensboro in the past year.  The current growth rate for Winston is 1.09 percent per year, but since 2010 Winston has grown by only 9.64 percent

Raleigh is currently growing at a rate of 1.33 percent per year and has grown over 19 percent since 2020. Phentermine online

Mebane, in Alamance County next door, is making impressive gains in population with a growth of 53.59 percent since 2010 and growing at a rate of 5.77 percent per year.  Mebane’s population grew from 11,393 in 2010 to 17,499 in 2020.  So they have a long way to go to reach the top 10, but it’s still impressive growth.