The City of Greensboro is asking for your input on how to accomplish one of the goals of the City Council – to become a car optional city by 2040.

According to the new Greensboro Transit Department web page, the goal of the long range transit plan called GoBORO is for the city to become car optional by 2045. Perhaps the people actually doing the work believe they need a few more years.

The deadline may be flexible, but the goal of providing people with a variety of transportation options so that they have a choice of getting around without driving a car is the same.

Bus transportation will play a big role in making Greensboro car optional, and two different concepts for improving bus service are being considered.

The Ridership Concept would have buses run their routes with higher frequency in areas where there are the most people and popular destinations. More frequency would mean shorter wait times and more convenience for bus riders.

The Coverage Concept would expand the areas covered by bus routes so that some service is provided to as much of Greensboro as possible. This concept would expand the area of coverage but lower the frequency, meaning longer wait times between buses, which would make using public transit less convenient.

So it seems two options being considered are expanding the frequency of buses in areas where people are currently using public transportation or occasionally running buses through neighborhoods where people currently are not using public transportation.

If the goal is to increase ridership, it seems The Ridership Concept is the obvious answer, but it doesn’t seem that Greensboro can be considered a car-optional city if there are large parts of the city where people have to walk several miles to get to a bus stop.

Those who want to be heard on this topic are invited to go to and take the online survey.