Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan emailed Summerfield Mayor Tim Sessoms a cease and desist letter on Tuesday, May 10.

The letter, with the subject line “Cease and Desist – Violation of Agreement and Amendment,” was also sent by certified mail.

The letter states that on Tuesday, April 26, the Summerfield Town Council met with residents in an area subject to the “Greensboro-Summerfield Joint Annexation Agreement (“Agreement”) and the Amendment to the Greensboro-Summerfield Joint Annexation Agreement (“Amendment”) to seek voluntary annexation to the Town of Summerfield.  Such solicitations violate the Agreement entered on May 6, 1997 and the Amendment entered on March 2, 1999.”

Vaughan states that the agreement and the amendment were ratified by the North Carolina General Assembly and remain in effect until May 6, 2027, and adds, “If you continue to make such solicitations, the City of Greensboro is prepared to institute legal action to compel you to conform to the Agreement and Amendment.”

Last year the Town of Summerfield asked the Guilford County Board of Commissioners for extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) for an area south and east of the Summerfield town limits.  The Greensboro City Council passed a resolution opposing Summerfield’s ETJ request and the Guilford County commissioners unanimously voted down the request.  An ETJ gives a municipality planning and zoning authority over areas outside its municipal limits.

Vaughan said, “This appears to be their way of backdooring it.”

In the letter Vaughan states, “In addition, assertions are being made that Greensboro is somehow taking over Summerfield territory. As proof the Growth Tier Map in our GSO-2040 Comprehensive Plan is cited, the Growth Tier Boundary that is being referred to has not changed since 1997.  It is the boundary both Greensboro and Summerfield agreed to in our annexation agreement.”

Vaughan said that no one from the Town of Summerfield had contacted her. She said, “They have not approached me with any issues they have with Greensboro.”

The letter also states, “In the interest of maintaining a positive relationship between the Town of Summerfield and the City of Greensboro, I would caution you that such solicitations for getting around the Agreement and Amendment are taken seriously by my office and the Greensboro City Council and will not be tolerated in the future.”