City Manager David Parrish announced today that he was promoting two longtime city employees to become assistant city managers, raising the number of assistant city managers to four.

Assistant City Manager Barbara Harris is retiring on Friday, May 31 and can now justifiably make the claim that it took two men to replace her.

Greensboro Police Captain Trey Davis and Budget and Evaluation Director Larry Davis (who are not related) are the new assistant city managers.

Trey Davis will be the assistant city manager for public safety, a slot that has hasn’t been filled in a while. He will be over the Police, Fire, Guilford Metro 911 departments and the Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission (GCJAC).  Currently Police, Fire and GM 911 report directly to Parrish.

Trey Davis has been with the Greensboro Police Department since 2002 after starting his law enforcement career with the Granville County Sheriff’s Department.  He was most recently the commander for the Criminal Investigation Division.  He will take over his new position as assistant city manager June 1.

Parrish said, “Trey’s career in law enforcement makes him well-prepared to work with our staff and the community. He’s a natural leader.”

Larry Davis will be the assistant city manager for internal services which includes the Budget and Evaluation, Financial and Administrative Services, Human Resources, Information Technology and Internal Audit.   He has been working in the budget and evaluation department since 1988 and has been the department director for 20 years.

Larry Davis regularly wins awards for the city budget and will stay on as budget director through June 30, the end of the fiscal year, before taking his new position on July 1.

Parrish said, “Larry’s internal knowledge of the City is practically unparalleled and we’re excited for him to take on the task of overseeing our internal departments.”

The city is undergoing a major changeover at the top.  The new City Attorney Chuck Watts was hired by the Greensboro City Council on Tuesday, May 21 and will start work June 1.

Assistant City Manager Kimberly Sowell was promoted to that position on March 1.

So when the City Council is looking out at the senior staff, who sit facing the Council at meetings, the only two folks who have been there for a while will be Parrish and Assistant City Manager Chris Wilson.

Wilson says he’s not planning on leaving anytime soon.