The attendance at the Greensboro Science Center (GSC) continues to grow at a record breaking pace.

GSC had over 600,000 guests in the 2022-2023 fiscal year that ended June 30, and that is a more than 9 percent increase over the 550,000 guests to GSC in 2021-2022.

The goal is to reach 750,000 guests by 2026 and become one of the top five attractions in North Carolina.

A new 200-car parking lot, the construction of the Expedition Rainforest, the Greensboro Biodome, and the Aquatic Rehabilitation and Conservation Center (ARCC) are anticipated to move GSC toward its goals.

CEO of GSC Glenn Dobrogosz said in the press release, “The GSC team first started expounding the importance and positive impacts of science-based tourism back in 2004: inspiring and improving science literacy, economic development through tourism, community vision and brand development, and overall quality of life for citizens. At that time, annual attendance hovered around 100,000 guests per year making it difficult. To convince public and private leaders that change or growth was possible.”

Dobrogosz added, “Our internal ‘no risk – no reward’ philosophy has challenged us to the core, but the fruits of our commitment to positive community development is now benefitting everyone. And we have only just begun. With the power of life and science now at the forefront of local and state tourism, imagine what the future holds with the completion of the Biodome and the ARCC project.”

Animal Discovery opening in 2008 made a huge difference in attendance, and by 2009, GSC reached 250,000 guests, which helped convince the Greensboro City Council to place a $20 million bond on the ballot for further improvements.

The bond money along with $20 million raised privately allowed GSC to build the Wiseman Aquarium, the 12-acre zoological expansion called Revolution Ridge, Skywild and make other improvements.

Over 125,000 tickets were sold for rides on the Rotary Club Carousel, which spent years in search of a location before settling on GSC, which now owns and operates that attraction.

GSC has had guests from 90 of the 100 counties in North Carolina as well as all 50 states and Puerto Rico.