The Greensboro City Council gives verbal support to sidewalks and walking trails regularly, but according to the Website Walk Score, it’s all talk.

Walk Score ranks Greensboro as one of the least walkable cities with a population of over 200,000 in the country.

Greensboro has a Walk Score of 29.4.  By comparison San Francisco, which Walk Score ranks first, has a score of 88.7.  New York is second with a score of 88 and Jersey City third with a score of 86.6.

North Carolina overall ranks low in walkability according to Walk Score. Fayetteville was next to last in the country with a score of 21.4.  Winston-Salem is worse than Greensboro with a score of 22.5, and so is Charlotte with a score of 26.4.  Durham is a little better with a score of 30.3 as is Raleigh with a score of 31.3.

Population is definitely a factor in how Walk Score ranked cities, but some cities of a similar size ranked much higher than Greensboro.  Buffalo, New York, had a Walk Score of 66.6 and Newark, New Jersey a score of 75.9.

The Walk Score comment on Greensboro states, “Greensboro is a Car-Dependent city – Most errands require a car.”

According to Walk Score the most walkable neighborhoods in Greensboro are College Hill, Downtown, the Brice Street area, Fisher Park and the Historic Dunleath Neighborhood.

Of the 103 neighborhoods in Greensboro ranked by Walk Score, the worst neighborhood for walkability is Northern Shores, which had a 0 Walk Score.  Lake Jeanette scored a 1 and Harbor, Sedgefield Lakes and Garriage Woods all scored 2.

Sunset Hills, which sees an increase in walkers during this time of year to see the spectacular Christmas lights, had a score of 48.

It may be notable that in Greensboro the four-mile long Downtown Greenway, which was started in 2001, so far has three miles completed and one mile to go.