Greensboro announced the launch of the “Public Service Heroes Homebuyer Assistance” program this week.

This program was originally planned to cover first responders and was named “Community Heroes,” however, it was expanded to cover all Greensboro, Guilford County, Guilford County Schools, active duty military and military veterans who met the requirements but “Heroes” was kept in the name.  Some councilmembers stated that anyone who worked for the city, county, schools or military was a “hero.”

The Public Service Heroes Homebuyer program is to assist moderate-income public sector workers in buying homes and those in the Public Service Heroes program may qualify for more public assistance than those with lower incomes who qualify for the city’s first-time homeowner assistance program.

In the Public Service Heroes program, those with an income between 81 percent and 120 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) ($46,751 and $70,100) can qualify for up to $30,000 in no interest forgivable loans if the home is in a defined redevelopment or reinvestment area of the city.

The requirements include that the home must be in the city of Greensboro, be the applicant’s primary residence and the applicant can not own any other real estate.

For the city’s first-time homebuyer assistance program for those with incomes below 80 percent of the AMI, the maximum amount of the no interest forgivable loan from the city is $20,000.  However, there is no requirement that the applicant be an employee of the city, county, schools or military.

For those in the 81 percent to 120 percent of AMI who buy homes in a redevelopment or reinvestment area but are not city, county or school employees, the city will provide up to $15,000 in a no interest forgivable loan.

With the launch of the Public Service Heroes Homebuyer Assistance program, Greensboro now has three programs to provide assistance to first time home buyers in the low- and moderate-income range.