The City of Greensboro announced Wednesday, Jan.29, that Assistant Director of the Water Resources Department Mike Borchers is being promoted to director of the Water Resources Department on Feb. 1.

With that announcement, Greensboro City Manager David Parrish may have set some kind of record because Borchers is the third department head Parrish has hired this month.

First was the announcement on Jan. 14 that Deputy Police Chief Brian James would be the new police chief. Then, on Jan. 27, Parrish announced that Hanna Cockburn would be the director of the Greensboro Department of Transportation, and then, just getting in under wire before the end of the month, the announcement of Borchers’ promotion.

Both James and Borchers are long time city employees being promoted. Cockburn worked for the Greensboro Planning Department for five years but has been working for the North Carolina Transportation Department for the past two years, so that isn’t exactly an in-house promotion, but it’s close.

Although Parrish certainly seeks advice from others, including city councilmembers, he makes the final decision on who is hired.

Borchers has been working for the city since 2005. He has served as stormwater engineering and planning supervisor as well as engineering manager and is currently assistant director in charge of the operating divisions, water supply and water reclamation.

Borchers has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York Maritime College and a master of science degree in environmental engineering for the University of Tennessee. He is a licensed professional engineer.

Parrish said, “Michael has been a key member of our Water Resources Department for the past 15 years and has proven his ability to be a leader for not only the department, but also the City. He and his leadership team are responsible for one of Greensboro’s most precious resources and I am confident that our water and sewer infrastructure will continue to be maintained and enhanced under Michael’s direction.”

Borchers is replacing Water Resources Director Steve Drew who is retiring on Jan. 31 after over 40 years with the City of Greensboro Water Resources Department.