Greensboro College won the grand prize in the 2023 NC Collegiate Hunger Challenge.

The Hunger Challenge is a competition among colleges and universities in the state designed to address food insecurity on campus and to increase efforts toward hunger relief in higher education.

Along with bragging rights, Greensboro College received a prize of $10,000 to support food insecurity initiatives.

The Hunger Challenge divides colleges and universities into three categories: community colleges, four-year public and four-year private colleges and universities.

Greensboro College competed in the four-year private category against 12 other schools.

Results were measured by points that were awarded for the number of events held and meeting attendance plus bonus points for the most creative event and the most social media posts.

Two students Luke Butner and Xpher Pino served as the Hunger ambassadors for Greensboro College and they were assisted by Greensboro College alumni Tyler Smith. The Rev. Dr. Robert Brewer, campus chaplain and professor of religion mentored the group.

Greensboro College earned the most creative event bonus by hosting an Art Against Hunger Day and Pottery Drive, where students engaged in multiple arts-based activities with a hunger awareness theme. The event was held in collaboration with the Greensboro College art department which also sold pottery for canned goods.

Greensboro College also won the social media bonus points for having 854 posts during the campaign.

In the press release, Brewer said, “Working with this team has been an incredible experience. Their energy, compassion and dedication to making a difference on campus was infectious and they continue to inspire me in my own work. I could not be prouder of them.”

The NC Collegiate Hunger Challenge was sponsored by Food Lion Feeds and North Carolina Campus Engagement. It was first held in the 2018-2019 academic year.