The City of Greensboro announced this week that the new Office of Community Safety was created in September.

The new office, which is supposed to “create a community-centered and safe Greensboro for all residents and visitors,” was included in the budget presented by City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba and approved by the City Council in June.

From the information about the new office, which will report to the city manager’s office, the purpose is to hold more meetings and add a level of bureaucracy to city government.

Assistant City Manager Trey Davis said in the press release, “OCS is the result of conversations and community input about the need for a non-conventional or alternative approach to traditional policing. This is an example of the City’s willingness to think outside of the public safety tool box in an effort to be more efficient and responsive.”

Latisha McNeal will be managing the Office of Community Safety.  She previously served as the criminal justice administrator for the Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission (GDJAC), which is one of the four sections of the Office of Community Safety.

The other three sections of the Office of Community Safety are the Behavioral Response Team, Violence Prevention (scheduled to start in January 2023) and Law Enforcement Assistance Diversion (LEAD) (also scheduled to start in January 2023).

The objectives of the Office of Community Safety are to:

“Create a hub managed by the office for innovative and alternative responses to calls for service.

“Allow GPD [Greensboro Police Department] to focus on issues relevant to law enforcement.

“Allow for transparency and accountability for both the police and community.

“Provide GPD and the community a ‘bridge’ to work collaboratively under City leadership on issues that affect all of Greensboro.

“Meet the community’s evolving needs by using rigorous analysis of data and public sentiment.”