According to WalletHub Greensboro is the 22nd best run city in the country and the third best run city in North Carolina.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Greensboro has ranked in the top 25 of the best run cities in the country by WalletHub.

In a press release, Interim Greensboro City Manager Chris Wilson said, “Maintaining a top-25 ranking during a pandemic is no small feat. Every single City of Greensboro employee works hard to help make Greensboro a great place to live, work and play and it shows with recognition like this.”

WalletHub rated Durham as the seventh best run city in the country and the best run city in the state. Raleigh was rated the 11th best run city in the country and the second in the state.  Charlotte ranked 105th in the country.

These ratings are based on criteria devised by WalletHub and there must be something about Idaho that WalletHub really likes because according to WalletHub the best run city in the country is Nampa, Idaho, and the second best run city is Boise, Idaho.  

Huntington Beach, California, was rated 20th overall but finished first in quality of city services.

Greensboro was 57th in quality of city services while Raleigh was 11th, Charlotte 24th and Durham 25th in that category.

Another key metric was total budget per capita where Durham ranked 11th, Greensboro 23th, Raleigh 29th and Charlotte 126th.

Other metrics considered by WalletHub include long-term debt outstanding per capita, high school graduation rate, infant mortality rate, violent crime rate, unemployment rate, median annual household income, population in poverty, quality of roads and air pollution.

Although some of WalletHub’s assessments may be questionable, there is little doubt that they got the worst run city in the country right.  Washington, DC, ranked 150th overall and was also 150th in total budget per capita.  With the federal government picking up the tab for DC that should be no surprise.

San Francisco ranked 149th and was 149th in total budget per capita.