Depending on the source, the long awaited Greene Street streetscape project is either well underway or about to get underway.

However, the completion date is either March 2024 or late in 2024.

The project will not only streetscape Greene Street but, more importantly for many people, it will result in Greene Street being a two-way street.

Greene Street is currently a two-way, one-way, two-way street – a strange traffic pattern that the Greensboro City Council has been attempting to have fixed for decades.

In 2007, then Mayor Keith Holliday said that one of his goals in his last term in office was to finally have the traffic pattern on Greene Street fixed so that it was a two-way street. Holliday was obviously not successful.

In his first term on the Greensboro City Council, from 2007 to 2015, City Councilmember Zack Matheny, who was re-elected to the City Council in 2022, worked on getting everything in place to fix the traffic pattern on Greene Street.  He also failed that time around.

However, it appears that in his current term on the City Council, Matheny will be successful.

The difference in whether the streetscape project has started or not depends on how the project is defined.

In April, the utility work on the Greene Street streetscape project began. According to Director of the Greensboro Department of Transportation Hanna Cockburn, that marked the beginning of the streetscape project, which will continue until completion in March 2024.

However, according to emails from City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba, the Greene Street project is twofold, with the utility work being one project and the streetscape a separate project.

So once the utility work is complete, the actual streetscape project would begin.

However, regardless of whether it is all one project or two separate projects, the work on Greene Street should be finished in 2024, and along with the street looking different because of the streetscape, it will also operate differently as a two-way street.