The Greensboro Police Department (GPD) wants more feedback from the public and is using a new tool to get it.

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the GPD launched a new public survey tool, Blockwise, in partnership with Zencity, a global technology company.

The survey, which will appear on the mobile devices of local residents, is designed to help the GPD better understand local concerns, attitudes and the degree of trust in the GPD.  Blockwise is supposed to assist the GPD in more holistically understanding neighborhood safety issues and enhance its responsiveness to community priorities.

Greensboro is the first city in the state and the GPD is the first police department in the South to use this new technology.

Interim Greensboro Police Chief Teresa Biffle said in a press release, “Our officers work in a profession where they can be impacted by what another officer does thousands of miles away. We want to hear the voices of our local residents. This is another way to hear their thoughts and concerns, and that knowledge is important to us.”

The survey will be available through digital ads on news websites, social media platforms and other locations.  The survey will initially be available in English and Spanish but more language options are expected to be added. The survey will measure resident satisfaction regarding feelings of safety and trust in police and allow residents to identify key concerns they would like to see addressed by the GPD.

Questions asked on the survey will include:

  • When it comes to the threat of crime, how safe do you feel in your neighborhood? Please indicate on a scale of 0 (not safe at all) to 10 (completely safe).
  • How much do you agree with this statement? The police in my neighborhood treat local residents with respect. (Level of agreement from 0-10)
  • How much do you agree with this statement? The police in my neighborhood listen to and take into account the concerns of local residents. (Level of agreement from 0-10)
  • What is the number one issue or problem on your block or in your neighborhood that you would like the police to deal with? Please be specific. [Open-ended response]

The GPD will share the results of the surveys with the public.