People have a lot of questions about crime and the Greensboro Police Department (GPD) has just released a new tool to provide up to date information about crime in Greensboro.

Most people are more concerned about crimes in their neighborhoods, where they work and places they frequent than they are about the overall crime rate, and much of the information they receive may be from sources that aren’t always reliable.

The GPD has partnered with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to make the Community Crime Map available with up-to-date data about crime to the public.

The Community Crime Map will allow residents to map and analyze data as well as receive timely alerts about crimes in their area.  Greensboro residents can also sign up to receive neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent criminal activity.

The Community Crime Map syncs with the GPD’s record system to ensure that the crime information is updated online and in the mobile app. The Community Crime Map cleans and geocodes the crime data and displays all incidents.

The dashboard allows users to view basic information about the incidents and filter by type of crime, location, block-level address, date and time.

If, for instance, you have heard that there has been an increase in residential burglaries in Greensboro, you can go to the Community Crime Map, select residential burglaries from the dashboard, put in the time period and then view for yourself where and when these residential burglaries occurred.

The Community Crime Map also allows you to click on a particular incident to get more information.

That procedure can be done to get information about any particular criminal activity such as aggravated assaults, robberies, homicides or a host of other crimes.  You can also find information about noncriminal activities such as missing persons.

The Community Crime Map makes comprehensive data about criminal activity in Greensboro available to the residents and is relatively simple to operate.

The Community Crime Map can be accessed here: .