Republican North Carolina 6th District congressional candidate Christian Castelliwill be getting some help in the Nov. 8 election from a new source.

Castelli is a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets.

On Memorial Day, Green Beret veteran Jason Bacon launched the Green Beret PAC with the stated purpose of helping other Special Forces veterans and conservative veterans get elected to Congress.

Bacon was quoted by Fox News saying, “Green Berets have spent years implementing U.S. Foreign Policy on the ground.  They are warrior-diplomats, who have learned foreign languages, understand foreign cultures, and have lived among local populations.  They have a breadth of experience that surpasses that of a typical Congressional candidate.  We are proud to support these outstanding candidates for Congress.”

The Green Beret PAC has listed Castelli as one of the eight candidates it plans to work for in the 2022 elections.

Castelli is going to need all the help he can get to win the 6th District, which was drawn by the North Carolina courts, not the legislature, and is being challenged by the Republican-led North Carolina legislature before the US Supreme Court.  The legal challenge won’t have any effect on the 2022 races, but if successful could result in new districts drawn by the legislature in 2024.

The 6th District as drawn by the NC courts is listed as “Likely Democrat” by the Cook Political Report. “Likely Democrat” is defined as seats “not considered competitive at this point, but have the potential to become engaged.”

“Likely” is the second highest ranking behind “Solid,” which are seats that are not competitive and don’t have the potential to become competitive.

Castelli, who is a first-time candidate, has an uphill battle on his hands.  According to Open Secrets, the Democratic candidate, 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning, who is running for her second term in Congress, has outraised Castelli by a significant margin.

According to Open Secrets, Castelli raised $221,000 for the primary and Manning, who had no primary opponent, raised $1.5 million and spent $690,000.

On the upside for Castelli, political pundits are predicting a major sweep by Republicans in November, largely because of the record breaking inflation and the ever increasing price of gas.  Elections that in a normal year would not be competitive will be competitive according to some experts.