Record keeping in the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department is pretty important because you don’t want to, say, let inmates out early by mistake, keep them longer than you’re supposed to, or confuse two similar looking inmates who have the same snake tattoo on their necks.

Tracking inmates and storing fingerprints, mugshots and the like for hundreds of inmates takes some effort, and the Sheriff’s Department is spending about $47,000 on a new year long contract for a company to help keep all that straight.

The Sheriff’s Department, which runs the county’s two jails, uses a record keeping system called “Central Square – One Solution Jail Management System” to record and maintain booking and release dates as well as other key information for the nearly 20,000 arrested and processed inmates each year that come into the county’s jails in Greensboro of in High Point.

The department is getting ready to sign a new one-year contract with Dynamic Imaging Systems Inc. for the continued maintenance of new and existing hardware and software.

The county is also getting a new mugshot station out of the deal. So, if you’re arrested in the coming months, perhaps your mug shot will be more focused and flattering than your mugshots in the past.

According to Sheriff’s Department officials, the software has the ability to interface with the rest of the jail management software used by the Sheriff’s Department.

“Compatibility with our extensive existing mugshot and fingerprint databases is an overriding concern and Dynamic Imaging is the only source and servicer of PictureLink software,” a memo to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners’ states.

The last contract with Dynamic Imaging began on July 1, 2020, and that allowed for renewals for fiscal years 2021-2022 and 2022- 2023. So, the department is at the end of the renewal options provided by the previous contract.

Dynamic Imaging began providing the service for the county’s jails two decades ago and department officials call the service “a critical component” to the system that captures fingerprints and booking photos.