Guilford County government just got its own dedicated Parks Department a couple of years ago and the people in the department have been very busy bees ever since – upgrading parks, pools, trails and more.

And they’re going to be even busier bees in the future because the entire parks system is about to get a new comprehensive upgrade plan and that plan is designed to propel and guide park development for the next 10 years.

Guilford County is expected to award consulting firm The John McAdams Co. Inc. the contract to help create the coming Guilford County Parks, Trails and Open Space Comprehensive Master Plan.

The contract calls for the county to pay the firm $199,455 for the planning process, which is expected to take 14 months to complete.

According to county parks officials, the comprehensive master plan is designed “to provide a framework from which the County can enhance its park and recreation system.” Also, “It would evaluate existing programs, facilities and community needs and…develop new strategies to meet future recreation needs.”

The plan will include all parks, trails and open spaces owned and operated by Guilford County.

The parks planning process – which is expected to make it easier for the county to get more grant money in coming years – will have “significant staff and citizen input.”

In March of 2023, Guilford County issued a request for proposals for the job. There were three responses and, after reviewing the proposals, county staff recommended McAdams due to the company’s “broad array of knowledge and significant experience in development of a comprehensive master plan.”

In recent years, Guilford County has been putting more parks programs into effect to give county residents more healthy outdoor entertainment options.

The master plan is not expected to call for a Kiddie Train at any of the county’s parks.