District 3 Guilford County Board of Education member Bill Goebel has responded to the Thursday, April 13 press release from the Guilford County Republican Party.

Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party Chris Meadows sent out a press release on April 13 stating that the Guilford County Republican Party Executive Committee continues to support Michael Logan for the District 3 seat on the board and that the committee had voted to censure Goebel, who is a Republican, for “Party disloyalty, deceiving Party leadership and circumventing the proper avenues for filling a vacancy on the Guilford County Board of Education.”

The press release also noted that after being sworn into office, Goebel “voted with the Democrats in opposition to the Equality in Education bill, HB 187, which is designed to protect the best interests of our school aged children.”

The other two Republican school board members voted against the resolution, opposing the bill, which passed the state House on a 68-49 vote with 68 Republicans voting in favor and 49 Democrats voting against.

Goebel who was unavailable for an interview did respond by text with the following statement. “I understand the frustration and feelings of my colleagues in the GOP.

“I want to stay focused on Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing that is the youth, parents and educators in District 3.

“To that end I plan on changing my vote at the next Board [meeting] to support HB 187.

“We are fortunate to have caring and passionate citizens in Guilford County. Positive change takes dedication and a commitment to listen to everyone involved. I plan to represent the youth and families of District 3 by beginning with

“1 Changing my vote at the next board meeting supporting HB 187.

“2 Taking care of our youth is my #1 goal. During my term on the school board, I plan to visit every school across District 3 and listen to the needs of our local families, educators and students.

“3 I will continue to work hard and do this in support of parental rights.

“I ask for everyone to calm down and let me represent the District.”