The country is always a little discombobulated twice a year when we fall forward and spring back, or is it spring forward and fall back.

And about 16,000 residents of Greensboro are set to have their weekly schedule thrown out of whack when the City of Greensboro changes their trash and recycling pickup day in April.

The changes will begin the week of April 12 and the Field Services Department has provided some much needed help.  One is the map above, and perhaps it makes perfect sense to you, but if you find it little hard to follow, you can go to the Field Operations website at and type in your address.  Your schedule for trash, yard waste, recycling and bulk trash pops up and you can go to the month of April and see if it changes.  The calendar also has helpful information like when your regular pick-up day changes because of holidays and, since recycling and bulk trash pickup are every other week, that is also useful.

You can have this same information at your fingertips by downloading the free GSO Collects app on your smart phone.

You can also get this information by calling 336-373-2489 and asking if your collection day is changing. You can also sign up for automated phone, email or text reminders to help you remember the new date.

The changes are being made in order to balance out the workloads for city crews to match the current population distribution of the city.

If all of those other methods of notification fail, the city is also sending residents who are effected a change of day notice in the mail along with a new calendar noting the new pick-up schedule.

And there is one slightly less accurate method used by many to determine when collections will be made at their home – that is to check and see what your neighbors are doing.  If your street is filled with green and brown cans, it’s a fairly safe bet it’s recycling week in your neighborhood.